The Nursing Shirt That’s Sold Out (Almost) Everywhere

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Can you imagine a nursing shirt so perfect that it virtually sold out? Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Ripe Maternity is one of my favorite brands for maternity and nursing fashions. They’re based in Australia and offer a large range of stylish options. You can shop their website, or one of the many retailers who offer a selection of Ripe’s line.

When I stumbled upon the dandelion shirt, I thought it was too good to be true. Finally, a patterned shirt (yay!) that looked appropriate for the office and appeared to have convenient access for pumping. But… it was sold out. So I scoured the internet and eventually found a medium at Maman Chic, a Canadian store that curates women’s fashions, with a focus on maternity and nursing apparel (side note: Sarah’s stuff is awesome and her customer service is unreal).


I thought a medium might be too small, but after mulling it over I decided to give it a try – and I’m so glad I did! With the weight I’ve lost from breastfeeding, this top fits splendidly. Plus, since it doubles as a maternity and nursing shirt, it has a loose fit around the bodice that is very forgiving.

While this top is practically perfect (in every way…) there are a few things I wish I could change about the fit:

  1. After washing this once, the arms became a little too short on me. I wear it anyway and pretend the cropped length is intentional… but in reality my arms are just long.
  2. The pintuck cutout is a little too deep. My bra shows at times, so I’ve had to safety pin the opening for the office.
  3. The strap that hits at the bottom of the neck is a little tight, especially after washing. Sometimes I tuck it in for comfort.

Take care when washing this top. Clearly I shrunk it a bit given the fit of the arms and strap. However, a bigger concern is making sure your nursing access stays discrete. A single press-stud holds each opening closed, and if the top isn’t ironed correctly, you could accidentally show off more than you intend! I intentionally wear a black bra with this top because I don’t always have time to iron.

But, despite that setback, the press-stud makes breastfeeding and pumping equally simple in this beautiful top.


This fabric is hands-down the best pattern I’ve seen for a nursing line. Floral is very trendy, and the size of the pattern and variety of colors make this top extremely camouflaging to spills. Plus, given that I have an obsession with colored pants, I love that I can wear this blouse with rust, pink, blue, brown, black, khaki or white pants (to name a few)!

Beyond the issues with shrinking (which may be my fault), this shirt has good quality. The cotton is light and breathable. The stitching holds up well. And the colors have not yet faded.

This top was $79 at Maman Chic before I snagged the last one in their inventory. Angel Bub does appear to have ONE extra-small left. And Mia Tango has some pre-loved inventory for just $30! If those options don’t have the sizes you need, Ripe has offered this style in other fabrics in the past. So you may want to check out their website or follow their social media if you like what you see.


While $79 is more than I would ideally like to pay for a top with a shorter shelf life, I think this one is worth the investment. I feel comfortable enough in it to sport it to an executive meeting, interview, or any other important business function. I can’t say that about 95% of my nursing wardrobe!

Let’s recap. Here’s my review at a glance.


Characteristic Rating
Flattering Great
Work appropriate Great
Pumping-friendly Great
Nursing-friendly Great
Camouflaging Great
Quality Good
Easy to clean Fair (Ironing!)
Affordable $$$- $$$$

Would you give this Australian style a go, mate? Comment below, or chat with me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter!



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