The Breastfeeding Bra and Postpartum Panties Every Mom Needs

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I spend a lot of time reviewing nursing-friendly fashions. But honestly, some of those styles will look awful if you’re not wearing the right essentials underneath.

When I was expecting, I ordered some basic nursing bras from Amazon. They were a frugal purchase at $4 a piece and with a 4/5 rating I figured they would do the trick. And they did… until I got ready to go back to work.

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 4.53.06 pm

Above: Mirity Nursing Bra from Amazon

I put on a scoop-neck nursing top for the office and realized my “practical” nursing bra was showing – a lot! While this style holds the ladies in, the fabric comes up so high that it doesn’t work with v-necks, scoop necks, button downs, or anything else that might show a little chest.

Recalling a ThirdLove ad, I decided to give their bras a shot. I ordered two of their 24/7 Classic Nursing Bras with an underwire to give me a more refined shape. While I’m normally a 36A, I ordered a 38B to account for my pregnancy weight gain and enlarged breasts.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 4.54.03 PM.png

Above: 24/7 Nursing Bra from ThirdLove

This was a great decision. Their nursing bra is comfortable, convenient, and hits lower so I can wear more of my favorite styles. It clasps in the front and has easy-open cups for nursing access. With pleated straps, I don’t run into issues with my straps falling down.

I’ve worn these bras on repeat daily since ordering them. My $4 Amazon bras sit at the back of my drawer, coming out only in a laundry emergency. The ThirdLove bras have maintained their shape beautifully, despite ending up in the dryer sometimes rather than hanging to dry as recommended.

Unfortunately they are $72 a piece, which is super expensive for me. I ordered two because you save $15 and get free shipping when purchasing multiples. Plus, I knew I’d want more than one so I’d have one to wear while the other was in the wash. My recommendation? Put their bra on your baby registry – experienced moms love to get items that will be a treat for you!


Now, while having a good nursing bra is essential when breastfeeding, your ladies aren’t complete without nursing pads. I originally ordered Medela’s nursing pads after reading that the disposable ones are better for avoiding odor and clogged ducts. But… I found them incredibly itchy and was not a fan. One of my best friends sent me Kindred Bravely’s washable nursing pads as a gift when I returned from the hospital, and I wore them every day for the first six months!

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 4.56.08 PM.png

Above: Nursing pads from Kindred Bravely

You can order an 8-pack of their organic cotton pads with a cute carrying case from their website for $12.93 (plus 10% off your first item with newsletter signup) or on Amazon for the same price (with free shipping for Prime members).

If you’re not familiar with Kindred Bravely, let me just tell you it’s an extraordinary brand. Forbes recently published an article highlighting how they are powered by work-at-home moms. If I ever start a company, I want to be like Kindred Bravely, empowering families and helping them succeed with their family-first lifestyle. All the feels, you guys!


Now, because I love their products not just their brand, I also highly recommended Kindred Bravely’s high waist postpartum panties. I actually wore these when I was expecting as well – they’re soft, stretchy and attractive with the lace details. A huge step up from the hospital’s mesh panties! Whether you’ve had a C-section or just need more space for the hospital granny pads, the high rise will be very helpful with your recovery.

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 4.57.31 pm

Above: Recovery panties from Kindred Bravely

Again, you can order these direct from Kindred or on Amazon – $19.95 for 3-pack. They do offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with them, so there’s no risk in giving them a try!


So now you know all of Valerie’s secrets (ha… couldn’t help myself!). Experienced moms, what other products would you recommend? Expecting moms, what other essential items are you curious about? Comment below, or chat with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


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