5 Fall Nursing Tops for $20 or Less

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I was born in sweater weather. It’s my favorite time of year for fashion. The best part for me is the textures – chunky knits, smooth velvet and weathered leather to name a few.

It’s tempting to let my spending get out of control because I enjoy fall styles so much. If you have the same struggle, this post is for you. I’m taking a break from some of the more luxurious brands I’ve showcased to share nursing-friendly finds on Amazon – all $20 and under. One disclaimer: the quality on some of these items isn’t comparable to the clothes in prior posts. But when a top costs you $7 new, that’s an expected tradeoff!

5 Fall Nursing-Friendly Amazon Tops for $20 or Less

  1. white.JPG
    Lookbook 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Tie Front Blouse

    I’m Wearing:
    Price: $19.99 + Amazon Prime Eligible
    What I love: This shirt is a flattering classic. Unlike some button downs, I don’t have problems with revealing gaps. It’s super comfy and has held up well in the wash.
    What I don’t: The ties on this top hang a little low. It would be an easy fix with the sewing machine, I just haven’t gotten around to it!
  2. polka3.jpg
    Londony Polka Dot Button Down Blouse
    I’m Wearing:
    Price: $7.85 + $4.99 shipping (+5% coupon available)
    What I love: The material is lightweight and looks dressy for the office. I’m a fan of any patterned shirt when nursing as it helps to camouflage spills.
    What I don’t: The buttons are a little cheap, and the top bulges out funny with most of my skirts. But for the price I can’t complain!
  3. waffle.JPG
    Chvity Waffle Henley

    I’m Wearing:
    Price: $18.99 + Amazon Prime Eligible
    What I love: This is my go-to shirt on the weekends. It’s cozy, it looks trendy and the color is perfect for fall. It’s held up incredibly well in the wash.
    What I don’t: If this were a little longer, it would be perfect! Before this top I purchased a short-sleeved waffle top, which I mistakenly thought was the same brand. The short-sleeved one runs longer!
  4. redzip3
    Lusmay Zip-Up Deep V

    I’m Wearing:
    Price: $13.19 + Amazon Prime Eligible
    What I love: The texture on this shirt is extremely forgiving to spills. The zipper access is both stylish and convenient for pumping or nursing.
    What I don’t: After each wash I find strings hanging down which I have to knot and trim. For the price you can’t expect perfect quality, but some of the others in the price range have held up better!
  5. 3
    Sweetnight Side Zipper Sweatshirt

    I’m Wearing:
    Large (not pictured… but the Amazon product photo is very accurate!)
    Price: $20.99 + Amazon Prime Eligible
    What I love: This shirt sweatshirt was made for fall. It’s comfy. It’s large. It looks great with leggings or tight jeans. And the best accessory to accompany it is probably a pumpkin spiced latte.
    What I don’t: Two complaints – (1) an eyelet just fell off the second time I washed this, and (2) the zippers are gold while the eyelets are silver… it seems like a mistake. But if you hand wash this item and enjoy mixed metals, it’s a big savings compared to similar styles at the top nursing brands!

Give these beauts a try this fall and let me know what you think! Comment below, or chat with me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter!


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